Friday, February 16, 2007

A Word for our Friend S.L.

You are my tender lamb, you always have been.

Even now, through the uncertainty I am caring for you. The fear is natural and part of being tender. I am doing something that must be done, but know I am actively keeping you.

You will not for some time be able to see what I am doing so you are going to have to trust that even now I am at work. Choose to put your fear down and just don't pick it up. Commit yourself wholly and completely unto me, choose to trust My provision and defending of you against the ravages off life.

I shall manifest Myself to you in ways you always wanted but couldn't achieve and you shall see answers to your prayers for your boys you have been longing for. I shall be with you where you are and only when the time is right take you to be with me where I am.

We are going to go for a walk, you and Me, and I will be all you need and it shall be good.

- February 16, 2007

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