Monday, May 28, 2007

I am leading, change comes in an instant

I am leading you and holding you in the palm of My hand. I hear your prayers and I am answering. Confess my answer before you see it; encourage yourself with your confession of My answer before you see it.

My blood covers even you - you are not excluded. These are hard timesbut I am sustaining you with My Spirit. You shall have fellowship with My faithful. As with the connection you felt with S. H. when it happens it shall be quick.

There is refreshment for you, be faithful and trust. I change things in an instant.

- 05/28/2007 (Memorial day)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Your children are My children

Your children are not in your hands and should not be your primary focus, I should be your primary focus. These are My children - I loaned them to you to enjoy and love, but never forget they are Mine.

I have good plans for each of them, but they are My plans and My ways of leading them for their own particular calling. You are letting your own desires cloud the fact that I call on My Own timetable and for My Own purposes.

I put that love and faithfulness for your children in you and it is a good thing, but even good things must be laid on My altar. You will not be bereaved of your children, you will not be disappointed. You must trust that I love them as I love you and will pick them up when they cry.

You put in them the knowledge, they can cry to me, they shall cry out to Me and I shall hear and pick them up. Trust Me to do that.

- 05/25/2007 (my 33rd wedding anniversary)

My voice and no backup plan

My sheep hear My voice. You know My voice because I care for you, and in the midst of many voices, all calling for your attention, you can hear Mine - it's the one that brings peace to your soul.

It doesn't matter what the other voices say, I am the Lord. The voice of worry, self pity, lust, greed, selfishness have no power to work. I, alone, have the power within Myself to keep and defend you. Trust My hand, trust My voice, have no backup plan - you don't need one, lean completely on Me.

Simple faith is all I require.

Yours is not to know the big picture but to know the Big God who controls the big picture. You will hear my voice and you will recognize it and you will follow.

It will be good.

- 05/25/2007 (my 33rd wedding anniversary)