Friday, November 10, 2006

Enjoy along the way

You, truely, have nothing to be worried or depressed about.

I have shown you over the years that I am taking everything and working it to your good, putting you where I want you to be, and when it is all over I will put you where I am. Yes, I am with you now, and when it is over you will be with Me; we are together now and always so what, then, is there to fear?

You know me as tender and loving. Others see me differently, but you already know Me and I know you, you don't need others to tell you about Me for you know Me already and have My word.

You have a heart for Me, keep your attentino focused on Me. Yes, keep your attention on me and be open to share Jesus whenever I provide the opportunity. Don't be afraid of events or people for I am with you, filtering out anything I can't use for your good.

You have all the time I give you so don't be in a hurry, enjoy along the way.

November 10, 2006

Saturday, November 4, 2006

What, really, does it matter where you are if I am with you?

You ARE in my service every day. Don't you think I can, and have, put you right where I want you to be? You said to Me years ago you were willing to do the tasks no one else of my my children wanted to to; well, you are.

Everyone wants an exciting task, everyone wants to do what THEY consider to be great things for Me. Everyone wants to be part of a great church and have many friends, what I need is someone willing to be available where there is no great church, or spectacular job, or many friends.

Set your heart on Me. I am always with you, even when I am not "felt'. I am not just providing for you, like I did for the Israelites in the wilderness, I am actually going with you. The end of your journey is Me, but I am already with you, here and now, so what difference then does it matter what and where here and now is?

Live for Me, do the right thing, that thing that will best represent Me where you are, because I am where you are. I will move you where you need to be, don't resist the agents of My moving your around, trust I am in the moves.

You really are my little lamb, tender in My heart. I really do love you dearly, more than you love your littlest child.

- November 4, 2006

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Let go what you can't use...

Don't throw away your faith and confidence when you are in the middle of a struggle. This is the time to hold fast and rest in My care.

You are not able to handle every opportunity or blessing so let the ones you can't use go to others. I will still care for you and give you the blessings you can use.

- September 9, 2006