Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Psalm of Deliverance and Peace

I cried unto Jesus, He heard my cry and comforted my soul

It came upon me without warning, I found myself in the midst of strife and fear. My home was filled with those who thought they no longer needed to cooperate, that they could do as they wanted, come and go as they pleased and to hell with anyone else. They bit and snarled at one another an fought for their rights - the thought of who's home it was never entered their minds. The stress was tremendous.

I cried out to Jesus for wisdom and help because peace was nowhere to be found, and he heard my cry.

He moved on me for compassion. He moved on my boarders with a renewed commitment for Christ like living.

And peace returned to my home.

- 12/28/2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

No "one size fits all"

My love is not a "one size fits all"; I don't express My love the same way to all.

To some I express My love and care by giving them mentors to model and train; to others I express my love by NOT giving them mentors, but carrying them Myself, like the picture of the lamb with a broken leg (which I broke, by the way) on my shoulders so that lamb could not but become attached emotionally to me, personally.

I am your mentor; My Holy Spirit your teacher. I am your provider. I hear your prayers in secrete, I do the rewarding. I am well able and willing to love you and be gracious to you like you are and change you as you need.

- 12/26/2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Something new for you - compassion

I opened up something in you through this struggle, I opened up compassion - it was time.

My children must have compassion for I have great compassion. As much as you hurt I brought people to you who hurt much more so you could feel a little of what they feel. You I am healing and delivering quickly, but they are on their own path, and whether I heal them or not is between Me and them; but in you I want compassion. You will need that compassion for the next assignment.

Do not be afraid of Me or your emotions. Listen to Me, feel for others.

- 12/24/2008 (Wed)