Saturday, June 2, 2007

No more than flies at a picnic

You don't need to figure everything out or worry that you don't understand what I am doing.

A child only needs to know his daddy loves him and will care for him. There are harsh realities I will handle for you and with you. You don't need to fear demonic attacks, I am your Daddy, don't even focus on them because I am defending you.

You are not hurt. Though the devil is growling at you and telling you that you are defenceless you haven't been hurt yet, so pay him no attention. Keep your focus on Me and don't be frightened or anxious. There is nothing he can do but talk, I have all the power and I have already spoken.

You are My witness to a lost and dying world. Your confidence in Me then My deliverance of you will demonstrate My faithfulness.

Just move right on, the attacks are nothing more than flies at a picnic.

- 06/02/2007 (Sat)

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