Saturday, January 13, 2007

Speaking is the easy part; Maturity is difficult

Maturity is a difficult process, I wish it could be different. Anointing and speaking is easy, even a donkey can do that! I need men who are more than donkeys, men who are stable and mature, who won't get shaken when they don't see what they want; men who will stand firm when they don't get what they want. That only comes through trial and over time.

I have not forgotten you or overlooked you, instead I am growing you. Everyone wants the anointing, but few want the discipline. I am God, and I don't forget; and I haven't changed My mind. When you signed on in My team you agreed to do things My way. Look at each day with a sense of adventure, don't be afraid I will drop you. When the time is right you will be the right person for the tasks, but I will be the One in control. Be content to be Mine and obey without seeing or controlling the big picture.

There is much pressure on my ministers, those who speak and minister for Me. The weight of the ministry is so heavy that any flaw can cause ruin - and everyone has flaws. Flaws are covered by the blood but under intense pressure they crack and the ministry is ruined.

I see the flaws and I know how to fortify around them. Those of Mine who are patient and obedient will have their flaws mended, tested, and repaired.

Take the ministry opportunities I provide but don't push into areas you are not prepared for, let Me open the doors. Don't set your heart on the ministry set it on Me. Don't live for the ministry live for Me. Don't be angry at the ones who have cracked, pray for them. I can put broken hearts and vessels back together if I get all the pieces.

- 01/13/2007

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