Monday, April 16, 2007

My Call to St. Cuthbert Episcopal

You are getting direction better than dreams, you hear my Spirit in your heart and mind. Why try to go back to what was at best confusing when you can hear me through my Holy Spirit?

Paul on a missionary journey with his ministry blocked didn't know which way to go had a dream of a Macedonian calling for help. You, too, are on a missionary journey and have been seeking where but the pastor, himself, comes to you and asks for help, not in a dream but in person; go that direction like Paul went to Macedonia not knowing the future but knowing I am there. I'll not ask anything of you that I shall not provide. What do you care of buildings and pageantry, follow Me and let happen what I do. Take Acts 16:9-10 as confirmation of your decision.

See how I have led you in the past? I stir your heart then redirect you, channeling you to the right way.

I stirred you to have faith to buy a helicopter for a missionary then I asked you to simply pay for a missionary's way to the field, and it satisfied that desire. I stirred you to return to the pastorate then gave you a message for a new church founder to base his ministry on, and it satisfied that desire. So I stirred you to receive messages from me in dreams and visions, then you the life experiences others only dream of. Isn't flesh and blood better than a dream?

Don't worry about the battle or of winning and loosing, focus on following Me. Anything on this earth you "win" is only temporary and anything on earth you "lose" or have taken away is meaningless. You said you wanted to see the unseen, well, this is the way to do that. Set your pride on me not your physique. Set your sense of victory on Me not the theological battles won/lost or the buildings kept. I will provide fellowship for you in Me and with those who are alive in Me.

You shall fish in waters where they are hungry and want my word; don't be discouraged at resistance.

Concerning your family's response, I shall make things clear as you move forward. Don't push, lead.

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