Monday, February 9, 2009

Psalm of the Mighty Response

Thank you Jesus for your mighty deeds!

My children were lost and self seeking, my job was threatening to end, I was sad and about to give up, my wife was empty of joy and we were without hope.

Then you heard my cry. You shook yourself and waves of power permeated the evil forces attacking me. You rushed upon my enemies and sent them screaming to the pit. You rode in on a mighty stallion and picked me up saying, "Let's go for a ride, ride with Me and let Me comfort your heart and heal your brokenness."

You, we, trampled all the hosts of Satan under our feet and they became food for flowers; sweet smelling flowers that bloomed without end. My children surrendered to the love and call of Christ, my wife's heart was filled with joy and gladness; she cried for joy, not sorrow, at the mighty acts of God.

When you placed me down I was renewed and invigorated to grab the plow and not look back.

Jesus you are mighty, mighty to save, heal, deliver, lead. Praise be to God.

You became my vision - You, riding ahead of me, leading the way as I dig deep straight furrows that shall receive seed; good seed yielding fruit, 100 fold for the Kingdom of our God.

- February 9, 2009 (Mon)

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