Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Tests for God's Whispers

I am enjoying a little book by pastor Bill Hybels1 on hearing God.

Not every impression has God as its source. Pastor Hybels has five tests to determine whether an impression is, truly, from God or somewhere else.

Test #1 - Is it consistent with God's character? In Christ God's prophetic words always Build up, Cheer up; and Stir up2. Even God's discipline in Christ is encouraging - this is how he works. Nothing discouraging is from Him nor for His people.

Test #2 - Is it scriptural? The Bible is God's revealed and inspired word, He would not give another word contradicting it.

Test #3 - Is it wise? God is the very creator of wisdom, he would never ask his children to do something stupid.

Test #4 - Is it in tune with your own character? God's whispers to each of us align with our unique character and internal makeup. Our personalities are our own unique expression of Christ. His whispers will resonate within.

Test #5 - What do people you most trust think about it? Take time to develop trusted friends and counselors in Christ.

- fritz

1 - -The Power of a Whisper, Bill Hybels, published 2010 by Zondervan
2 - Spiritual Gift of Prophesy

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