Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Word Of Knowledge

For to one is given by the Spirit ... the word of knowledge ..." - 1st Corinthians 12:8
God works through ordinary people who, simply, believe in Christ and yield to his leading. He does his work through what are called "Gifts" of and by the Holy Spirit.

One such gift of the Spirit is the word of knowledge.

We see it demonstrated in the Old Testament life of Daniel when he was required to tell the contents of the King's dream to avoid death.

We see it in the life of Jesus when he spoke to the woman at the well, telling her she had previously had five (5) husbands.

God, who knows all, imparts to us a snippet of knowledge we need to accomplish a task. Sometimes it is to minister to another, but often to help us in our need. When given it is usually an idea accompanied with a nagging feeling which is hard to shake, but can be ignored.

These should not be ignored but embraced as a gifts from God.

- fritz

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