Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better Than Dreamed, More Difficult Than Imagined

Jim Martin, pastor and author of a blog I regularly read made an astute comment, Monday, February 21st1
I often tell couples before they marry that marriage will probably be better than they ever dreamed and more difficult than they ever imagined.
He goes on to say
Marriage can be difficult, in particular, when you have never seen a healthy marriage up close.

So where else can a person learn to be married?

  1. Observe married people who seem to be doing something well...
  2. Be a part of a Community of Faith that values biblical marriage...
  3. Seek Counsel from an older couple who is experiencing a good marriage...
  4. Read books on marriage...
  5. Listen to the words of Jesus, especially on the topic of relationships.
This is something we all need to take to heart!

- fritz

1 - Read Jim Martin's entire post here
2 - Related Post - "Married to A Friend", Patrikin, February 23, 2011

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