Saturday, March 19, 2011

Same God, Different People

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Today's Post:
"Every Scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful" - 2nd Timothy 3:16a
There is a noticeable difference in Bible passages - some show God angry, others full of love and compassion. Why the difference?

Some believe the Old Testament God is not the same as the New.1 Others teach it's man's understanding of God that evolved and continues to do so - essentially rewriting scriptures for our day.

The Church has always taught God is the same, has not changed, and all scripture is equally inspired.

The Old Testament is the only Bible the early church had. They didn't say, "Hey, we can do better than that!"

The difference is relationship.

Example:Vandals think I'm a bad grouchy man when I call the police on them, but my family thinks I am wonderful when I give them Christmas gifts. It's the same me, the difference is relationship and their actions. I am more complex than either view. Sometimes I have been known to let my children suffer the results of their actions when I think it is in their best interest. I then seem to have become a mean grouchy man, but I haven't really changed.

God has different relationships with different people groups but he is the same God. He has always been compassionate but our sin evokes justice. In Christ the justice is satisfied and we can walk with God in peace.
"[W]e have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:" - Romans 5:1b
- fritz

1 - Marcion of Sinope, 144AD

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