Sunday, September 17, 2000

Concerning Spritual Gifts...

Concerning spiritual gifts, I give the gift of tongues to teach about the gift of prophesy; and indeed, to teach about all the gifts of the Spirit.

As the fruit of the Spirit is not all different but, instead, one and all of the same Spirit, so My gifts are not all different but all of My Holy Spirit, functioning similarly.

As my people learn how to move in the gift of tongues, so they can apply that same knowledge to prophesy. As they become comfortable speaking forth what their minds do not comprehend, so they can become comfortable with speaking forth what their minds can understand.

Many wonder, and I hear them, "What good is this silly gift of speaking syllables I do not comprehend?" But I do not just instruct the mind with thoughts, I instruct with actions, meaningful actions, and those who act will learn. This is "tapping" into My Spirit: not initially knowing why the actions are called for, just simply obeying, and then coming to know.

The minds of many are corrupted so they can not think straight. But for those who respond to My Spirit and My word and do, their minds are being straightened out like a water hose is untwisted, opened up, and unkinked. They can then become channels. This is not your doing, but mine. You can not open them up; indeed, I can't always open them up either, but I do have the process. You are to simply present the word I give you and teach as I allow. I will show you how far, they are fragile and too much pressure would rupture them. I know the right about of pressure. You are to listen to the spirit and be gentle.

Your labor is unto Me and I will show you where and when. You will not be in a quandary or falter, instead, there will be a twinge of assurance, of an "AMEN" when I am ready. In the meantime, worship Me, study My word, teach unto me in your heart, pack it away like you do things in your house. Yes, even that trait in you is to be applied to God's word. Pack it, save it, truly there will be a time when you will put it out and it will bless God's people.

September 17, 2000 (FRI)

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