Sunday, September 17, 2000

Concerning your children...

Concerning your children, they shall see and hear. They shall be changed and mature. As I heard your mother, so I hear you; I am no respecter of persons. Just as I saw her tears, tears from Me and tears to Me, so I see yours. I put them in her to teach her My love; I put them in you to teach you My love.

I gave you children to yearn for and I will answer that yearning; you will see it and not die first. You will be able at the end of your life to say, "I saw everything I desired come to pass. I am ready to see my Savior now, the one who did it all." Like Abraham who was gathered to his people at a ripe old age, so you will be gathered to Me, for I am your people, in a ripe old age with the fruit of your love and labors. I will not leave you fruitless; confirmation will come, listed for the name, "Abraham". Be patient, be fruitful, and be trusting.

I see David teaching God's word and ways. I gave him a tender heart, a heart that cares. He is your Pastor; a heart of a shepherd. I will call him as a pastor, a tender pastor, one who cares deeply. I am developing that caring first so he will be able to distinguish between his caring and My caring, between his compassion and My compassion. It is all jumbled up right now in his mind because it is not My time, yet. Do not fret, I will protect him. I will bring the right people into his life to draw this out of him; to draw out the heart of a pastor. He hasn't settled on what he likes because I haven't given it to him, yet. He will respond; he will like it and he will commit. You will see, and you will like it, too. I put that in you and I will satisfy it.

Tim is My speaker, My proclaimer. He will speak and what he speaks will come to pass. He responds and will respond to that stirring, like My Spirit moved Sampson. Sampson was physically strong but Tim will have strength in the Spirit to banish the spiritual Philistines; the demons of Hell. Watch him; watch how I stir his heart. Watch how I develop My prophet; a true prophet. Watch my ways of bringing this to pass; rejoice bubble up with excitement; he will show you how I work.

Joseph is my intercessor. He will learn how to pray. Pray with him. Speak to him about prayer while he is young and don't loose heart. He is my intercessor; he can hear me and will hear Me more clearly. I have given him to you to pray for you; call him to do that and he will. But he is more than just your intercessor, he is My intercessor. People in My body will come to him and say, "Joseph, please pray for me", he will and I will heal.

I take weakness and display My strength. I take the unusual and show my Power. He will be greatly loved and cared for in the Body of Christ, don't worry. He will be valued in the Body of Christ. I will raise up My people who will love him and who will be used of Me to care for him for they will see My gifting in him.

Do not the ants care for the aphids? I put that in them. The ants rejoice in what the aphids provide and the aphids rejoice in the care of the ants. Think that example is by accident? No, nothing in nature is by accident. Joseph will be cared for and he will rejoice. God's people will rejoice and be blessed through his intercession. I put My body together. Teach him to pray. Trust Me to move.

Daniel is my studier. He will catch hold of a love for My word. The bible will be his book. He will rise up and learn My ways and learn to tenderly teach My lambs.

Don't I choose the unlikely and display My power and grace in them? Don't I set people as object lessons? Did not Paul say God saved him as an example? Relate Paul to Daniel. As I encountered Paul, so I will encounter Daniel. He will be changed, will take hold, and will study My word, learning and enabling others to know My ways more fully; or do you think you are the only one I can do that to?

- September 17, 2000 (FRI)

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