Sunday, September 17, 2000

Rejoice, I am neither in a hurry nor tardy.

Rejoice, My son, for the LORD thy God is a mighty God. There is, truly, nothing impossible for Me. Bow before, praise and trust, sing, jump to Me, nothing will harm you, there is nothing to fear. Every terror must bow the knee to Me. I send it to the ungodly to move them to Me just as the hunting lions roar to drive the prey to their young.

I have seen your love, your prayers, your desire. Rejoice, I say, in Me. Why will you be nervous about whether you can hear from Me? Am I not the One who made not only the ears but the heart to perceive? I will not let you move in the wrong direction without speaking to you. Your desire to hear is good and a thing to be desired: it keeps you learning, movable, clean.

Don't' give up or give over to despair or apathy, all time is Mine and the world is Mine, I am in no hurry but neither am I tardy.

September 17, 2000 (FRI)

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