Friday, December 31, 2010

Worth a Second Look

Reviewing this year's thoughts I, personally, find some worth a second look:

God's Powerful Pinkie - Wed, Dec. 15th
At Some Point Trust Must Begin - Tue, Nov. 23rd
Giving and Receiving Advice - Sat, Oct. 23rd
The Right Course of Action - Fri, Sept. 3rd
Example of Hope - Tue, Aug. 26th
The Church Clock - Fri, July 30th
What's My Calling - Sun, June 27th
Why Men Don't Talk - Wed, May 5th
The "Aroma" of His Name - Wed, Apr. 7th
Taking Divine Opportunities - Tue, March 9th
Lesson from a Plasterer's Patch... - Thu, Feb. 4th
The Winston Churchill Philosophy... - Tue, Jan. 26th

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