Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burning Our Bridges (and Plows) Behind Us

Elisha, an Old Testament prophet, was plowing his field when his call to service came.1 He killed his oxen and gave a goodbye BBQ party, burning his plow for fuel and letting the neighbors keep the food.

A farmer without an ox or a plow doesn't do much farming. In burning his plow Elisha was, in effect, burning his bridges behind him to his old life, no turning back - if this prophet stuff failed he had no backup plan.2

God wants that same abandon exhibited in us as we respond to the call to give our lives to Jesus - not holding back part of ourselves in case we change our minds or keeping our decision secret to save face; we are to follow Christ fully engaged in the process.

Years ago a presidential candidate said publically, "Jesus Christ is part of my life." That really was the problem, Jesus was only a part.

Few are told by God to sell everything and start walking, but all His are called to be willing.


1. - 1st Kings 19:19-21
2 - Related Post, My Voice and No Backup Plan

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