Friday, January 1, 2010

Significance of the First Miracle

Today I think I saw the significance of Jesus' first reported miracle in the Gospel of John, the "Water to Wine" miracle.

I have never been satisfied with my understanding of that story until now. I believe its true significance is to be found in the remarks of the clueless Governor:

"Everybody I know begins with their finest wines...But you've saved the best till now!" (John 2:10 Message)

The significance is not in the timing, in the wedding, in Jesus' reticence to act, or in the obedience of the servants; the significance is that Jesus is the source of something better than the finest mankind can produce.

This was not a church service but a wedding where the focus was the celebration with food and fun, and the one responsible for the food and fun, once he tasted what Jesus provided, thought it better than the finest he ever had.

The treasures found in Jesus satisfy in such a way that, once tasted, leave all else lesser esteemed.


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