Monday, May 31, 2010

"Be cute or die"

Dallas Willard wrote something profound in the "Smothered By Slogans" section of his book, The Divine Conspiracy, on page 12:
... popular sayings attract because people are haunted by the idea from the intellectual heights that life is, in reality, absurd. Thus the only acceptable relief is to be cute or clever. In homes and on public buildings of the past, words of serious and unselfconscious exhortation, invocation, and blessing were hung or carved in stone and wood. But that world has past. Now the law is "Be cute or die."... the particular "message" doesn't matter.
In the next section he adds:
Jesus offers himself as God's doorway into the life that is truly life. Confidence in him leads us ... to become his apprentices in eternal living. "Those who come through me will be safe," he said. "They will go in and out and find all they need. I have come into their world that they may have life, and life to the limit."
Take a moment to think about the wonderful invitation and reality in Christ of living a truly meanfulul life.

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