Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. Monk's Gospel Lesson - Belief is a Choice

I enjoy the old Monk TV series. In one episode police chief Stottlemeyer is told by Mr. Monk that a guy still in a coma for four weeks is the perpetrator of a bombing the day before.

In spite of the airtight alibi and in spite of being ridiculed by his peers, Chief Stottlemeyer goes on record choosing the coma guy as the primary suspect. Adrian Monk had always been proven right in the past and, as difficult as it was for even himself to believe, the Chief puts his reputation on the line.

The Bible sometimes tells us things that don't fit our paradigm and we have a choice to make. Men and women of faith believe the Bible not because they are scientifically uninformed, uneducated, or stupid but because the Bible has turned out to have been right every time it has been able to be tested.

Believe is a choice one makes based on the evidence and who is presenting it.

Mr. Monk was right, by the way; the police chief's choice was a good one!

- Fritz

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