Saturday, May 29, 2010

Faith Additives - Charity

"...add to your" - 2nd Peter 1:5b,7b(KJV)
Peter tells believers their faith still needs something to be successful. 1 He ends the list with "charity", the Greek word "agape" (ah-gah-peh), meaning a selfless love expressed to those around us.

There is an old poem:
To dwell above with the ones we love...
Oh, that shall be glory!
But to dwell below with the ones we know...
Well, that's a different story!
Love is not a feeling for someone gone or far away, it's kindness done to a bad neighbor, to the co-worker who just threw us under the bus (you know what I mean), and to the teen with a bad attitude".

Not automatic but something to be added, if we can't make our faith work enough to be kind to these people our faith isn't really working at all.

1Faith Additives


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